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KooZA/rch - Homescape the new commute


In these days we find ourselves living a new reality out of control made by strong changes. Suddenly many of our certainties have collapsed and in a short time we have been forced to change habits and lifestyle. We had to review our way of working, studying, communicating and mostly connecting to other people. In this vortex of change, the way in which we are used to live our spaces has also been put into crisis, leading to a sudden change of the functions of which a certain place was designed for. The

quarantine has forced us to rethink deeply the domestic space that has found itself simultaneously performing multiple functions including not only the residential one but also workplace and space for social relationships, strictly online.

All this has led to concentrating our life, both public and private, in a single space that has lost all kind of classification.


In this period of confinement, technology has allowed us to overcome the social distance and to set our relationships apart from physical contact with other individuals. Internet has allowed us to carry out a large number of activities from home that we were previously used to carry out in different places. Even the time has changed, things that previously required commutes and long periods of time have currently been translated into "everything now!"


Will we still need huge rooms or Wunderkammers? Will we need furniture with the most disparate shapes, tables, chairs or sofas when we can do everything on our laptop lying in bed?

We believe that the heart of the future homescape is going to be the bed, from which we can carry out any type of activity: sleep, work, make love, eat, watch TV or make a video call with your girl/boyfriend who lives on the other side of the globe. Of course, the bed will not be the only furniture in the house as we will still need to use the toilet to fulfil our needs. However, the bed will not be established into a certain space as we know but it will become an integral part of the housing module.


The domestic space of the future will be an essential cell connected with the rest of the world through technology, where all spaces will be concentrated in a single small environment from which we could carry out any type of activity comfortably connected with our PC.

This new conception of domestic space will lead to blur the line between public and private where domestic boundaries will become virtual, blurred and no longer tangible. Consequently, the domestic ritual, originally private, will become a live phenomenon in real-time.

As architects, we will have to be ready to welcome these changes by imagining domestic environments capable to react and adapt itself from external impulses and different functions.






Type: Research

Curators: KooZA/rch

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Project: SET Architects (Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci)

Year: 2020

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