Barilla Pavilion

The design of the new Barilla pavilion starts with  reinterpretation of the concept of home as the place where the ritual of “eating together” reaches its highest value. In particular, the pavilion spaces are designed as informal environments, warm and welcoming to make the visitor feel immersed in a familiar place: feeling home. The project aims to become an icon of the Barilla brand, and a new landmark for the city of Parma and Predignano. The building is designed as a scenic backdrop along the A1 highway, which can be admired by travellers and become a new landmark along the way.


The new Barilla pavilion is designed as a linear building, based on a truncated rectangular pyramid shape. It is 120 metres long and 16.5 metres high, resting on a 120 metres x 70 metres hypogeum plate characterized by a ramp-boulevard leading to the entrance hall.


The driveway access to the building is guaranteed by the existing roundabout on Via Mantova which leads to the parking area. Pedestrian access to the building takes place via the “Boulevard”: an “Architectural Promenade” that crosses the lot from the entrance of the area, leading to the building’s lobby in the basement. This level is conceived as a large hypogeal plate where the visitor can stop in the lobby and have a beverage, attend to a show in the auditorium (which can be operational outside of normal working hours of the rest of the building), or dive into the “Experience area” from which the tour of the pavilion begins.


A staircase leads to the upper floor (ground floor) where the visitor can choose to stop at the café, which is also accessible from the outside, or continue upstairs and visit the “Barilla Food and Nutrition” research area connected to the “Workshop” area where visitors can take part in various courses based on the topic of nutrition. The “Start-up” area, on the second floor, is connected to the restaurant which straddles two levels with a panoramic roof terrace. On the top floor the visitor can enjoy the art gallery, one of the most exclusive spaces in the pavilion hosting the Barilla private collection. The path ends with the flagship store on the ground floor, also accessible from outside, where the visitor can finish the visit of the pavilion by relaxing and shopping.



Name: Barilla Pavilion

Type: Multifunctional Building

Design: SET Architects

Team: Lorenzo Catena, Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci, Camille Innamorati, Mariola Szumilas.

Year: 2018

Site: Parma (Italy)

Client: Barilla

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