Città Parco

The architectural proposal is based on a housing system in which nature and architecture are in constant dialogue and exchange of relationships and connections. Based on these principles, buildings appear as spatial structures welcoming the contemporary living functions with maximum flexibility.


A vision in which the abstract nature of the structural frame, is shown on the facades, is connected to the comforting image of urban green: parks, gardens, squares and places for meeting and socializing. The intervention aims to arrive at the functional and social mixture as the urban regeneration strategy.  Therefore, the buildings are presented as simple volumes with a modular floor plan allowing maximum adaptability and flexibility of the functional program.



Name: Città PARCO

Type: Housing Development Proposal

Design: SET Architects

Team: Lorenzo Catena, Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci, Gildo Incitti.

Year: 2016

Address: Pescara (Italy)

Client: Confcooperative

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