Digital Detox Workshop

Digital Detox is a period during which a person abstains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers. It is an opportunity to reduce stress and relax, focusing on social interaction in the physical world. From this point of view architecture assumes a fundamental role in order to conceive spaces in which to "unplug" and regenerate in contact with others or in solitude, reconciling with nature and the surrounding environment through direct contact.


The aim of the workshop was to imagine 10 small architectures, within a maximum volume of 4x4x4 meters, in which to perform 10 rituals (silence, listening, dream, rest, slow motion, balance, beauty, art, energy, travel) of the Digital Detox path. In particular, each group of students worked on a single ritual, imagining a conceptual space developed starting from a theoretical research and a deep poetic reinterpretation of the assigned theme.


Working on the relationship between material / immaterial, natural / artificial and physical / conceptual, each group has developed the design of an iconic space through a physical model and a poster-manifesto. The set of single units, placed in relation to each other, has generated the Digital Detox path, a series of "rooms" to disconnect from the digital and reconnect with ourselves.




Type: Workshop

Location: IED Istituto Europeo di Design‎ - Via Casilina, 51 - Rome

Dates: 7-11th May, 2018

Teachers: SET Architects (Lorenzo Catena, Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci)

Coordinators: IED (Pietro Cagnazzi, Gianfranco Bombaci, Laura Negrini)

Promoters: Digital Detox Italia (Alessio Carciofi)

Students:  Filippo Maria Abbandonati, Lorenza Agostino, Paola Agrello,  Antonio Alessandrini, Giulia Biagini, Serena Cappa, Manuela Capurso, Flavio Cocozza, Melissa Conte, Eva Di Sevo, Messua Di Vito, Maria Vittoria Florio, Francesco Franza, Gian Marco Gili, Giulia Grimaldi, Azzurra Lo Gullo, Mihail Hristov Hristov, Emanuela Labanca, Roberta Lo Masto, Giorgio Lucchetti, Sofia Maccaroni.

Photography: © SET Architects

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