Fendi Experience

The Exhibit Design course has been held in the second semester of the academic year 2019. The course aimed to provide students with critical and technical tools for the development of an exhibition design project, from the concept to the technological and functional solutions, with the related communication strategies. The theme of the course is about the design of an experiential exhibition at the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana - Fendi headquarter - in particular in the ground floor exhibition space.


The exhibition focused on the Fendi brand (Branded Vision) and has been centered on the visitor experience, with a constant interaction between the user and the installations contained within the monumental interior of the building. The students designed site-specific installations looking at both the world of fashion and the arts in a contemporary, engaging and innovative way. The aim of the exhibition is to bring the visitor to experience the brand image through immersive installations linked between them by an underlying story (concept). In this way visitors are invited to investigate their emotions through tactile, sonorous, visual and imaginative interaction.



Type: II Year, Interior Design Course

Location: IED Istituto Europeo di Design‎ - Via Casilina, 51 - Rome

Dates: 03.19 / 06.19

Teachers: SET Architects (Lorenzo Catena, Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci)

Coordinators: Pietro Cagnazzi, Gianfranco Bombaci - IED Design Roma

Students:  Nour Han Abdel Halim, Maria Beatrice Barelli, Ziye Cheng, Valentina Costa, Martina Cuccurullo, Aleksandra Anna Futoma, Julia Paulina Gancarz, Josefin Karlsson, Steffi Mathew, Raffaella Ricter,  Emilie Söderlund.

Guest Talks: Supervoid, W.A.R. Warehouse of Architecture

Workshop: Mint List (Maria Azzurra Rossi, Giulia Milza)

Photography: © SET Architects

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