Freetime concept store

"Freetime" is the concept proposed for the new stores of the D1 MILANO brand. Free time as a metaphor of freedom, dynamism and common passions. The design is inspired by the clean lines of D1 MILANO watches, offering a simple and elegant design according to the brand identity. The linear shapes, the attention to detail and the use of materials declare an approach that looks to the excellence of Made in Italy. A reference to the city of Milan is expressed through the geometric diamond pattern that characterizes the design of the ceiling, taken from Piero Portaluppi the Milanese master of rationalism. The iconic design of the spaces invites the visitor to enter and discover the D1 MILANO world through an immersive and sensorial experience in which to freely look and discover the products. An informal space where you can drink a coffee at the central desk and virtually assembling your own clock. The design strategy was to use a single geometry for the three sales areas (store, box and corner).


While in the store the structure becomes a light element of wall and ceiling cladding, in the box and corner this becomes a free-standing element. The frame also determines the display system generating the areas within which the watches are displayed. The display walls are characterized by a perforated panel where to fix different types of supports for as many objects as watches, samples of fabrics and metals, mirrors, LED panels, etc. in order to obtain different display combinations. The materials used in the project are inspired by the colors of the D1 Milano watches, favoring gray, black and rose gold. The floor made of grit has dark anthracite shades, a technique that represents the excellence of Italian craftsmanship all over the world. The walls and the structure are in gray lacquered wood, which recalls the typical colors of the facades of the Milanese buildings. Even the fixed furnishings such as the table and the case are made of wood and covered with metallic laminate.



Name: Freetime

Type: Concept store

Client: D1 MILANO

Project: SET Architects

Design: Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci,

Collaborators: Caterina Zazzara

Year: 2020

Status: International competition - Third place

Site: Milan, Italy

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