Paper Fold Primary School

The project leads to a way of teaching based on creativity, dexterity and freedom. When a child through imagination transforms a sheet of paper into a form using a simple and intuitive gesture, he defines the identity of the new primary school.


The project relates to the city by strengthening the system of public spaces and establishing relationships with the urban environment on different scales. On the big scale the new school responds with a strong and identifiable architecture that is capable of relating to the existing cultural buildings like the Congress Palace, the Municipal Library and the Planetarium. On the local scale the building integrates the public space and the park, creating a system of canopies and green patios. The new open space system is based on three main elements: the "park", the "open-air lab" and the "didactic gardens". The park is the place where child can experience nature and share interests.


The design of the park is characterised by an interesting landscape: a small curved hill, that creates a "natural cavea" - for recital, performances, sports events - and protects from the local traffic of nearby streets. Inside the building two green patios allow to extent the didactic activities to the exterior space and create a winter garden in direct connection with the cookhouse. The building is designed to be a simple and flexible system that meets the requirement of an innovative contemporary system of education. All the activities are hosted under the iconic roof: the classrooms, the labs, the common spaces and the green areas – all ready to serve 260 students.


The 7x7 m modular structure defines the architectural composition in a clear and functional way. In the inner part of the building the common spaces (atrium, playground, patios and canteen) create a social core around which the classrooms and the laboratories gravitate.  In this way all the connecting spaces become a place to meet, study, exchange information and have fun instead of serving as a mere passage.



Name: Scuola "Panoramica" Riccione

Type: Elementary School

Prize: 11th place

Design: SET Architects

Structural consulting: Proges Engineering - Ing. Andrea Imbrenda

Team: Lorenzo Catena, Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci, Andrea Di Renzo.

Year: 2017

Address: Riccione (Italy)

Client: Comune di Riccione

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