Faster planning for a slower Warsaw

The introduction of dynamic planning is needed to create a slower city in order to achieve the need for human scale and diversity for better living in an always rushing city. We propose filling gaps inside Warsaw urban landscape with a network of temporary pop-up neighborhood centers – a background for entertainment, education and leisure, as well as nature and culture.  Thanks to a Public-Private partnership the Municipality of Warsaw could cooperate with private owners in order to temporarily share unused spaces. By doing so once the private owner need his land back Municipality can move the Pup-ups centers in another empty space, generating an always changing looping system of small tactical architectures. To enhance the feeling of familiarity with the space we propose locating pop-ups within a walking distance of approximately 500 m, creating a grid.



Type: Workshop

Location: New Generation Festival 2018 - Warsaw

Dates: 15-16th November, 2018

Teachers: SET Architects (Lorenzo Catena, Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci) A2P2 (Monika Arczyńska, Łukasz Pancewicz)

Coordinators: New Generation Festival (Gianpiero Venturini, Katarzyna Dorda)

Students:  Maria-Alexandra Antal, Maksym Bal, Damian Jakubowski, Anna “Jurdzi” Jurgielewicz, Emilia Marcinowska, Jan Szelag, Patrycja Kusmiesczyk

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