Researching modernity


In an era of insecurity and lack of confidance in the future, architecture seems to have lost its visionary power and the ability to imagine new life scenarios. The anxiety of the future becomes inertia in the present and our cities today seems to float in a dimension suspended in time in wich nothing is transformed and everything remains the same.

We believe that to get out of this condition of paralysis, it is necessary to (re)create a cultural background that allows us to equip ourselves with critical tools to broaden our horizons, to be able to look beyond and seek modernity.

We need to trigger social, cultural and economic processes that lead to generating a shared desire for growth and rebirth of the places in wich we live.



Type: Article

Magazine: Area n 167

Dates: November-December, 2019

Curator: Luca Molinari

Authors: SET Architects (Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci)

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