Serpentine Augmented Architecture

Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. - George Orwell


In an era in which digitalization is increasingly leading to isolation of people watching screens, this proposal aims to encourage the use of technology as a tool for socializing and sharing. The project reinvents public space and invites to experience it together, imagining its new use supportedby augmented reality.


Each person will shape - through the support of technological devices - their virtual space characterized by a personal color. In particular, we imagine that the first visitor will start configuring the space by working with a horizontal surface given by the 3.9x3.9 m plinth. As other visitors enter the area, they will be able to interact and become part of the construction of the space by adding virtual architectural elements including floors, partitions, etc. Users will be free to write and share messages that will appear on their common surfaces increasing the empathy. The goal is to involve as many people as possible in this operation for as long as possible, encouraging the interaction between them. The performance will stop when one of the participants decides not to take part in the operation andabandons the area.A screen will show in real time the spacebeing built in augmented reality as well as a timer to track the maximum duration of involvement in the construction. In this way a mechanism will be activated that encourages the next visitors to challenge the previous record. All the spatial solutions realized by the participants will be archived and exhibited while the group that will spend the most time together in the construction of the common spaces will be the winner of this challenge.


The common area will be a result of cooperation between individuals of all geographical origins, social classesand religions, and which will favor the use of technology as a tool of aggregation and not separation. A virtual, liquid and dynamic space will filter and deform reality without denying it - a gesture that is not confined exclusively to augmented reality but is applied in everyday life.




Type: Augmented Reality Competition

Location: Serpentine Gallery, London

Project: SET Architects + Apparati Effimeri

Status: Proposal

Year: 2019


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