House in Milanosesto

The project is inspired by the industrial context of the former Falck area with the aim of integrating it with innovative architectural solutions that are able to guarantee the well-being and quality of contemporary living. Facades, "loggia", public terraces constitute the plant's plant infrastructure, making the project a perceptual extension of the new urban park.


The apartments interior configuration provide flexibility and customization by the user. Environmental sustainability plays a central role in the project: recycled steel is used for the load-bearing structures. The roof becomes the technological device that integrates the photovoltaic and the rainwater collection system.



Name: House in Milanosesto

Type: Housing

Design: SET Architects

Team: Lorenzo Catena, Onorato Di Manno, Andrea Tanci, Marco Tropeano

Year: 2017

Address: Sesto San Giovanni (Italy)

Client: Comune di Sesto San Giovanni

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